Financial Planning Strategies*

Financial Planning Strategies is our passion and is the activity that is at the core of all we do at Capital Financial Architects!  

The process of putting together a roadmap for your financial goals starts with getting to know you and your current financial picture. We collect data to put together a holistic view of your finances and present advice on managing the myriad of factors that will play into achieving your goals.  


Our first step is to work with you to understand your “risk tolerance” – and to even understand what that term means.  Next, we partner with seasoned investment professionals focused on providing diversified, low expense investment portfolios that are in line with your goals. Finally, we constantly monitor results to make sure the selected portfolios are meeting your needs and adjust as needed.


Whether your goal is to retire gradually or as soon as possible we will work with you each step of the way to help address your income needs, plan for expenses and health care costs, and ensure that your plan and investments are in line with your overall financial goals so you can enjoy this new phase of life! 


To be alive is to be exposed to risks of all types: premature death, disability, property and casualty losses, and/or long-term care.  We like to say we act as your “chief risk officers”.  Our goal is to make sure you are protected from these possible risks in the most cost-effective manner.

Business Planning*

We provide services for clients who are business owners, aspire to be a business owner, or are planning for the sale or transition of their business. We have resources to address group health insurance benefits, business owner property and casualty policies, tax planning and retirement plans.

College Planning*

We utilize state-of-the-art software to project the amount that will be needed to achieve college or other post-secondary education funding goals.  Once that’s determined, we provide recommendations on ways for you to save the desired amount.